Are students able to participate in Career Courses at the Career Center?

Yes. Students are scheduled in Career Center courses by CVA counselor during registration.

Is lunch provided daily for students?

Yes. Lunch is provided for all students daily. The lunch program is consistent with the district plan for school lunches.

Is transportation provided for students?

Transportation is not provided; however there are special circumstances that may be accommodated by the district.

Does Caddo Virtual Academy have a program for gifted and talented art students? What if the student is already a part of a gifted arts program?

Yes. Students who are gifted in the arts have an opportunity to participate in the Talented Arts Program for gifted students. If students were already in the program at another school in the district, they would continue at Caddo Virtual Academy.

Does Caddo Virtual Academy provide instruction and accommodations for gifted and talented students?

Yes. Caddo Virtual Academy has certified teachers who are highly qualified to instruct gifted and talented students. Special services and accommodations are provided according to the individualized educational plan.

Do you offer dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses?

Yes. Students are able to enroll in dual enrollment and advanced placement courses for college credit.

What documents should a parent bring to register a student?

After the student has been cleared to register by the Caddo Virtual Academy Principal, the parent must withdraw the student from their current school and submit the following documents:  student's birth certificate, social security card, current immuniaztion records, current utility bill (in the parents name at current address), and parent's ID card.

How can a student apply to Caddo Virtual Academy?

First, contact Caddo Virtual Academy to set up a pre-enrollment conference to see if the student is a good candidate for online learning.  If so, you will be given instructions for enrollment.  

Will course instruction be delivered by live teachers?

Yes.  Course instruction will follow a blended model where there will be live teaching as well as prerecorded lessons and activities provided by an online instructional platform.  Students will have live teacher support on campus as well as online.

Can a student who is not enrolled in Caddo Public Schools enroll in courses while attending a school out of district?

Yes.  Arrangements can be made to provide courses for schools outside of Caddo at a minimal cost; however, students who are Louisiana resisdents can enroll in CVA as an out of district student and will receive all the benefits of a Caddo Public School student.

Can a student attend another Caddo Public School and take courses at CVA?

No. Caddo Virtual Academy is an approved high school in the Caddo Public School System. Students cannot be enrolled in two Caddo Public Schools at the same time. In order to take courses at CVA, you must be enrolled as a full-time CVA student.

Are all of the teachers certified?

Yes.  All Caddo Virtual Academy teachers are degree holders and certified to teach in the state of Louisiana.

Is your program designed to meet the needs of more academically inclined student or is it a credit recovery program? Who can apply?

Yes, Caddo Virtual Academy is designed for the academically inclined student.  We are not a credit recovery center, nor are we an alternative school for discipline issues.  Students who enroll in CVA must be able to read and comprehend complex documents and possess sufficient mathematical skills for high school curriculum. The online curriculum is highly rigorous and demands that students are focused, goal-oriented, self-disciplined, self-motivated, and have a strong support system at home.  Any student can apply, but every student does not make a good candidate for online learning.

Is there a physical campus where students can come and work?

Yes.  Although students have the flexibility to work at home, they have the opportunity to attend on campus in the virtual lab classroom Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

How many courses can I take?

Students enroll in an average of six courses per semester.  Students who have successfully passed courses and would like to challenge themselves with a heavier course load must be advised by a counselor or administrator.

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